Adult Beverage: Racer X Double IPA

"Got a big white X / On the top of his car / Rex keeps his speed / In a little glass jar..."--Big Black, "Racer X"I am unabashedly a fan of Speed Racer (Mach GoGoGo), the late 1960s anime series focusing on the adventures of race-car driver Gō Mifune (AKA Speed Racer, voiced in English [...]

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Adult Beverage: XXXX IPA

Another crazy week. Not only did my anthology, The Book of Cthulhu, make it onto the Locus Magazine 2011 Recommended Reading List (Anthologies, Reprint), but it also got onto the 42nd Annual Locus Awards Ballot (Best Anthology). Best part: You don't have to be a Locus subscriber to vote (though subscriber votes count double), all [...]

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Adult Beverage: Vertical Epic Ale 11-11-11

It's been a wonderful Saturday, starting with a drive (down to The Country Vet, but you take what you get) with Jennifer and Maddie, moving from there to a bit of shopping (although the lamp I bought didn't work), then to a little bit of work (more corrections), followed by a Maddie-led walk downtown (Straight [...]

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Happy Maddie-versary…

Fourteen years old... and still stompin'!Eight years ago today, Madeline came into our lives. These days, it's hard to remember the time before Little Miss Underfoot, our opinionated canine companion, was a part of our daily routine, sharing everything from road trips to routine workdays with Jennifer and myself. Of course, getting older comes with [...]

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Adult Beverage: Ruthless Rye

Another week gives way to another weekend. And what a busy week it was. I seem to be coordinating and correcting a ton of projects right now, having just wrapped up Jonathan Strahan's The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of the Year: Volume Six, and working concurrently on Ellen Datlow's The Best Horror of the [...]

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Adult Beverage: The Vixen

Randy and Jan invited us over for enchiladas tonight, so earlier today, when I stopped by Petaluma Market for a few necessities, I picked up a little something that caught my eye: The Vixen, a chocolate chili bock from Samuel Adams. An "Ale brewed with cinnamon and with spices and cocoa nibs added," The Vixen [...]

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Adult Beverage: Butchertown Black Ale

Third time's the charm. I have the best intentions in writing these reviews. I believe that brewing is one of the hallmarks of civilization, and that by sharing my thoughts on quality adult beverages with you, I somehow enrich your lives. Thing is, some of these adult beverages can be a bit strong. And I've [...]

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Adult Beverage: Epic Armageddon IPA

I'm having an epic day. Not only did I just realize it's a three-day weekend, but I got word earlier today that Publishers Weekly have given my anthology The Book of Cthulhu a coveted starred review. In the book biz, that means you've done something right. So I'm marking the moment with an Epic Armageddon [...]

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Etsy Cthulhu

Etsy is a strange place, filled with terror and wonder. And earlier tonight I risked my sanity by going to Etsy to search for Cthulhu. Why? For you, dear reader... So here you go. Something you never thought you'd need. The nine best Cthulhu-related items currently on Etsy. Happy shopping! 1) Meatspider Cthulhu Idol v202 [...]

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Adult Beverage: Hoptologist DIPA

One of the risks in reviewing adult beverages: a high ABV may lead to a missed review. That's what happened with Knee Deep Brewing Company's Hoptologist DIPA, which I purchased, photographed, and enjoyed a couple weeks ago, but forgot to write a review. At 9% and 102 IBU, this one packs a wallop, so in [...]

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