Adult Beverage: Ballast Point Big Eye India Pale Ale

Tonight, about five hundred miles south of me, my buddy Lyell's having a Ballast Point Sculpin IPA. I know this because I glanced at Facebook earlier tonite, where Lyell had posted a photo of his own Adult Beverage. Finally, the Internet has revealed its true purpose: knowing what your buddies are drinking!I didn't have a [...]

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Adult Beverage: New Belgium Lips of Faith Super Cru / Guerilla Marketing

We're over at Jan and Randy's for veggieburgers and the baseball game. I'm having a New Belgium Lips of Faith Super Cru. Super Cru pours ruby-golden with a full, quickfalling head leaving tendrils of lacing. Crisp pearskin on the nose. Sweet and fruity up front, bright and boozy with a quick Fat Tire bitter along [...]

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Adult Beverage: Coney Island Sword Swallower

I've know a few people who ran off to join a sideshow, and I once flirted with learning how to breathe fire, but I've never quite understood the distinction between "circus folk" and "carnies," even though Tod Browning's Freaks and Wim Winders's Wings of Desire are two of my all-time favorite flicks. Which brings me [...]

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Adult Beverage: Green Lakes Organic Ale

Jennifer's brother Farb just passed through Petaluma, and we had a great time visiting and attending a Giants game with him and his wife. They left behind a six pack of Deschutes Brewery's Green Lakes Organic Ale. Can't let good beer go to waste...Green Lakes pours a cloudy dark amber with a fluffy off-white head [...]

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Zannibal Lecter

Janine brought Aslan by earlier so he could show off his new headgear. Very Zannibal Lecter. "I'm not allowed to eat fava beans," says Zannie. "They're kind of gassy.""You don't look so big and tough now," taunts Charlie. But Zannie doesn't care. He enjoys looking like a Prius.

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Adult Beverage: The Maharaja Imperial India Pale Ale

After a day spent avoiding the Butter and Eggs Parade, we picked up takeout from Everest. Indian food and a ballgame: perfect time to break out The Maharaja, from Avery Brewing Company's Dictator Series. Pours thin-headed amber, with citrus and malt on the nose. Honey-sweet on the tongue: aggressive hops smoothed out by caramel malt. [...]

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Adult Beverage: Eel River Earth Thirst Double IPA

Just in time for Earth Day, a CCOF-certified organic double IPA from Humboldt County. Sustainably-brewed beer? Awesome. But how does it taste?Earth Thirst pours warm orange with a creamy head that falls fast, but sticks around. Not much on the nose: a dash of malt and warm sugar and a faint suggestion of forests. Pine [...]

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I dropped Maddie at The Country Vet this morning for the latest salvo of tests as we work towards getting her Cushing's Syndrome under control. While there, I also said hello to the resident sheep (who had a little friend in with them today). Here's what they had to say..."Baaaaaaaaaaaa!""Baaaaaaaaaaaa!""Baaaaaaaaaaaa!"It's unanimous! The sheep hope Maddie [...]

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Sunday Evening / Reflections on the News of the Death of a Mentor / People, Ideas, […], Things

Something has Maddie concerned tonight. She waits at the back door, staring at it until I open it, then stands in the doorway, sniffing at the world, refusing to step outside. A bird circles high above, a neighbor's television cants mantras, the washing machine rumbles. And Maddie stands there, staring upwards, toward the naked, halfmooned [...]

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Maddie Portraits

To start off Monday right, a handful of recent Maddie portraits. Walnut Park, Petaluma. Walnut Bark, Petaluma. Tppht! Too much wind to bark. Miss Maddie, Queen of the Couch at Our Best Friends. Contemplative Maddie considers a treat.

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