We’re over at Jan and Randy’s for veggieburgers and the baseball game. I’m having a New Belgium Lips of Faith Super Cru.

Super Cru pours ruby-golden with a full, quickfalling head leaving tendrils of lacing. Crisp pearskin on the nose. Sweet and fruity up front, bright and boozy with a quick Fat Tire bitter along the palate. Balanced carbonation, creamy as it rolls across the tongue. Wet finish, with lasting pear essence on the walls of the mouth. A little peach schnapps pucker, but not aggressively bitter. Lacks a little something at the back of the throat.

And Jennifer and I did a little Guerilla marketing for The Book of Cthulhu today. Recently, we ordered a batch of postcards featuring the book cover from Moo.com. They arrived yesterday. Today, we mailed them out to fifty-nine hand-selected independent California bookstores. It’s shotgun marketing, so we’ll see if it gets any orders.

Here’s the back:

And we spotted this at the grocery store this afternoon, perfect for health- and animal rights-conscious cephalophobes like H.P.L.:

Maddie’s not sure what she thinks of the postcards, but she’d really like to try that vegan calamari.