It was a nice enough morning that Maddie, Jennifer, and I walked downtown for brunch (and a beer) at Petaluma Pie Company. Because nothing says Sunday quite like a scrambled egg and spinach pie (except maybe an egg-and-spinach pie and a pint of Lagunitas Little Sumpin’ Sumpin’).

Sure, it’s still a little chilly out there, and maybe rain is indeed threatening to return and soak next week, but for now, it’s early spring. Time for pie… and poetry!

Good thing, too, since Petaluma Pie Company and Copperfield’s Books are hosting a Valentine’s Day Pie-Ku contest later this afternoon. In anticipation, I penned a handful of entries while eating Brunch (Maddie helped):

Spring, and with it an
excuse: brunch pies outside of
Petaluma Pie.

Twittering birds and
a spinach and egg brunch pie
makes for Sunday bliss.

Sweet or savory
or decadent as sin, baked
in a flaky crust.

“Nothing inspires quite like pie,” says Maddie. “Mind if I have another little bite of crust?”