Jennifer and I had to journey all the way out to Sebastopol this afternoon, so that she could get a permanent filling following a root canal procedure on Monday. While she was otherwise occupied in the dentist chair, I wandered downtown (all three blocks of it) to kill an hour window-shopping. And I had to hit Copperfield’s, where the following handful of books decided to follow me home:

Ghost of Chance – William S. Burroughs
Best Ghost Stories – J. S. LeFanu
The Ghosts of the Heaviside Layer and Other Fantasms – Lord Dunsany

I passed on a copy of Richard Brautigan’s Dreaming of Babylon: A Private Eye Novel 1942, because it smelled of mold and cigarettes. Ah, well. I’ll pick up a fresh copy eventually.

Once home, we pulled the Christmas tree down from the closet in our office and set it up in it’s usual place, hoping to evoke a bit of Holiday cheer on an otherwise dreary, rainsoaked day. But we’re not going whole hog with the decorations this year. Just two for now: the gingerdeadman we picked up at Crafterino and a blown glass “evil eye” ward Jill picked up in Turkey. Or Greece. We’re not 100% sure on that one. Maybe more ornaments will find their way onto the tree before the big day, maybe not.

And this past Sunday, we finally made it down to the Cow Palace for the annual Dickens Fair. I was particularly impressed with the way Dickensian London had been re-created in the hall out of plywood, sawdust, and red and yellow gels over the lights. So long as you keep in mind that Dickens Fair has about as much to do with Charles Dickens as the average Renaissance Fair(e) has to do with the Renaissance, a good time will be had by all. Recommended. A few pics: