“Okay, that’s weird,” said Maddie. “I’ve never seen a tree wearing a sweater before.” She paused, sniffed at the yarn, scratched an ear, then looked up at me. “Do trees get cold?” she asked.

“It’s knit graffiti, Maddie. Wow. I’ve seen pictures of it online, but never in the wild.” I looked up and down the tree. “That’s pretty cool.”

“Oh,” said Maddie. “So a person did this?”
“Yeah,” I answered. “It’s kind of like a guerrilla beautification project. Since we get so used to seeing ads and brands, stuff like that, some people, like taggers, have taken to interjecting crafts into the public space. It’s a way of shaking people up, making them think.”

“So the tree’s not just cold?” asked Maddie.
“No, trees don’t really get cold like we do. Why?”
“‘Cause it’s pretty chilly out here,” answered Maddie. “And seeing this tree all wrapped up and cozy made me wish I’d remembered to wear my hoodie.”

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Graffiti spotted around town:

Ronald Reagan, Swamp Monster.

Decorated Egg Cup. No, I’m not sure what it is either, but it looks revolutionary.

“I love tall men.” Graffitied graffiti. Formerly a SLUT poster, much like the one below.

SLUT. This tagger gets around.

“R.I.P. Lester,” Beca’s Graffiti tribute to a lost bunny?